The new ASHE dataset was published by the Office for National Statistics on 26 October 2021.

For periodical payments agreed or awarded since the Thompstone group of cases, this dataset will dictate the level of claimants’ periodical payments for the next year.

The hourly rates applicable to ASHE 6115, the Standard Occupational Codes relevant in most cases, are shown below, from 60th percentile upwards.

Claimants in receipt of ASHE 6115 indexed periodical payments (across all percentiles) will be due an increase in their periodical payment this year.

The ONS now publishes the ASHE 6115 data separately from the main data tables; the relevant figures are now to be found in Table 26.5 (a).  The care workers category is produced by combining SOC 2010 codes ASHE 6145 (care workers and home carers) and 6146 (senior care workers).  This produces a group that is equivalent to ASHE 6115.  

The Table 26 dataset can be found on the following link: CLICK HERE

(The zip files give access to all the sub-tables and corresponding excel file. The tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet splits the data between All, Male, Female, Full-time and Part-time).

Many claimants in receipt of periodical payments will receive their next payment on 15th December 2021.

The Chase de Vere Court of Protection team are experienced at calculating payments due whether for individuals or in quantity; should you require any assistance in checking the indexation calculation, our advisers will be pleased to help.

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