Pre-settlement Advice

Pre-settlement Advice

We offer a suite of services for lawyers and barristers to apply over the course of a client’s case. Covering key financial aspects of a claim, our expertise can assist you and your client throughout the litigation process.




We have many years’ experience advising on periodical payments. Settlements involving periodical payments are far from straightforward, and we offer an expert witness service to assist in this complex area of law and financial planning.

We have built a strong reputation acting for both claimants and defendants in high-value claims.

Our level of knowledge in such cases is second to none and we provide up-to-date advice on whether periodical payments are appropriate.

Our expert witness periodical payment service includes:

  • Periodical payments versus lump sum analysis
  • Format of the award
  • Appropriate indexation
  • Case conference attendance
  • Advice on settlement strategies and negotiations
  • Expert evidence at trial



Many personal injury claimants are in receipt of welfare benefits, or may become entitled to state support over the course of their lifetime.

If claimants do not receive appropriate advice about the use of personal injury trusts, their benefits may be affected upon receipt of a damages award. We can advise in plain, straightforward terms how best to manage payments and how to set up a structure that protects the best interests of claimants. Legal advisers have a duty to inform claimants of the option to set up a trust in order to protect entitlement to means-tested state benefits.

We can assist by providing a free written assessment for all clients, and then, if a trust is viable, arrange a suitably worded trust deed, establish a trustee bank account and deal with the local benefits agency, both now and in years to come. Moving forward, we can also offer cash and investment advice to suit the client’s needs.




Personal injury can have profound and often devastating effects, not just on the injured party, but also on their family, friends and work.

The impacts of the aftermath of an injury can be complex and may include medical needs, litigation, rehabilitation and financial affairs.

Families often find themselves under financial pressure as a result of personal injury and have to navigate the complex welfare benefits system.

  • We can smooth the process of dealing with multiple benefits from several agencies
  • We offer a benefits health check service to make sure that clients are receiving all the payments to which they are entitled
  • We offer assistance with claiming the correct benefits and managing application processes
  • We provide representation at appeals and tribunal hearings and assist in overturning unjust decisions by applying expert knowledge of welfare benefit law

We will stand by clients from the very beginning of the process and be there at every stage as required. We aim to ensure that claimants get the best results possible, with peace of mind and confidence in our skills and experience.




Through NAS we offer the services of professional advisers dedicated to dealing with the accountancy needs of those claiming personal injury damages.

Loss of earnings

Claims for loss of earnings in personal injury cases can be complex and challenging, particularly when they involve the self-employed, family businesses or employments with variable components such as bonuses or commission.

To help with negotiations and settlement of cases, NAS can provide thorough calculations and reports from the financial evidence. Their aim is to provide this as clearly as possible and at any stage of the claim process. They can offer considerable experience and expertise in advising on evidence and disclosure, providing alternative calculations for different scenarios, letters or reports for disclosure, advising in conference and giving expert evidence.

Loss of pension

Depending on the age of the claimant or their employment, pension calculations may be an important part of the losses to be quantified. There has been, and continues to be, many changes to state and private pensions, including changes to the way pensions based on final salary are calculated, lifetime allowances and the rising state pension retirement age.

Again, to help with negotiations and settlement, NAS can provide thorough calculations and reports from the financial evidence, set out as clearly as possible. They have considerable experience and expertise in all types of pensions.



For more than 20 years, I've relied on Jennifer Stone at Chase de Vere as my trusted financial adviser for personal injury cases. Her clear expertise in settlement meetings showcases her leadership and ability to navigate complexities, especially with clients under the Court of Protection.

For over two decades, Nick has consistently demonstrated exceptional expertise as an independent financial adviser, seamlessly managing substantial compensation awards with empathy for seriously injured clients, providing peace of mind to both clients and their families.

I have been a PI trustee client of Chase de Vere for 11 years. I consider that during that time I have received excellent financial advice tailored to the risks that I was prepared to take. Its support has been thoughtful, well-considered, open and honest.

Jennifer, my financial adviser, ensures my lifelong financial stability with her honest, compassionate, and professional approach, consistently navigating the complexities of my life and prioritizing every question, no matter how small.

Chase de Vere recently helped me with a Personal Injury Trust (PIT) matter. I contacted the team, who could not have helped more, showing care at a stressful time. They found a bank for my trust and set up an account for me when all else had failed. Chase de Vere did it all.

Knowing the team at Chase de Vere are taking care of the big investment decisions for us gives us real peace of mind. We feel very safe in their hands.

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